Gonna miss you

Yes I'm going to miss you bad
I already miss you
But I know this is the right thing to do
And I'm just so tired of you saying you're going to do things you never do
Or say you care when you don't

I'm sick of always trying
This time it was up to you and you blow it

Be glad if you can
Now you get rid of that pain in the ass-maniac
Be glad for as long as you can
I have actually been glad for you
I really thought it would be a good thing
Not that you all of a sudden only cared about you

I'm gonna miss seeing you even though it wasn't often
I'm gonna miss drinking coffee with you and you always had something to say about it
I'm really gonna miss our stupid discussions about nothing and everything
The discussions no one else understood
Or maybe most of all I'm gonna miss your hug
That very special bear-hug

But life goes on right?
And I'm not going to keep trying
You have moved on with yours
I thought we could be friends but it doesn't look like it

So I guess it's time I move on with mine
Whithout you as my friend

Try to remember all the things I did for you
You know it's not just one

I gave my everything for you
I did everything for you

And this is the thank you

Well fucking thank you to you too for making me realize what a complete idiot you are

Postat av: Ekblad <3

Kämpa på! Vet att det kan vara jobbigt att må dåligt. Har själv borderline..Kram

2011-05-02 @ 10:42:00
URL: http://ekblaad.blogg.se/

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